About Me

Hello, I’m Michelle and I have left the corporate world to pursue a writing career with a focus on children’s books, and writing blogs about type 1 diabetes, which are inspired by my young daughter who is type 1 diabetic. The purpose of my blogs is to help raise awareness as to what type 1 diabetes is and what it involves on a day to day basis. Alongside my blogs, I’m writing my next children’s novel as a follow up to my debut novel The Yellow Bills, with the aim of continuing to bring magic and adventure to children’s lives.

You can contact me on hello@michelle-mckenna.com 


The Yellow Bills is a flight school run by Lieutenant Drake, that is a little bit like the Red Arrows but with a few more feathers.


I also write blogs about being a carer for my daughter who is Type 1 diabetic to help raise awareness.

Michelle McKenna

Children’s author and blogger

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